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Autism varies from one person to another, and a person will usually be assessed as having had persistent difficulties with social communication and interaction, restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviours, activities or interests since early childhood, to the where these limit and impair everyday functioning.

Autism support varies widely, from region to country, and it is important to have consistent support in navigating services and expectations as it can be a frustrating expereince. Not only can service provision differ, but so can the approach to support, and this can often be frustrating, upsetting and against what the client actually requires as it is determined by outcome measures dictated by health service measurment standards. It can be hugely beneficial to cleints and their families to have indpendent, objective support who can help understand the true wants and needs and work with them to levearge services that benfit their health and wellbeing.

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This can be a life-long mental health problem that mainly affects your mood, but can have devastating consequences to how you live your life and interact with those around you. Your mood can change dramatically, as can your energy levels. You can experience episodes of mania and depression, and it can often be confused with other disorders meaning it often goes misdiagnosed for many years and can mean clients have often led miserable and misunderstood lives.

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Psychosis means you process the world around you differently to other people. This can be how you experience, believe or view things but it is not necessarily a mental illness per se, as it can be a symptom of many other issues.

These can include injury, susbstance misuse, one off experinces, other illness, withdrawal and so forth, so it may well be a temporary, albeit quite frightening, experience.


Those clients who have learning difficulties, of whatever nature and severity can face disability throughout their lives. 

In supporting the cleint and thier families we can help navigate local services, address social disability issues and support them in answering their needs.

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Symptoms of depression can strike anybody at any age and in any circumstance, and it takes a skilled therapist to explore with the client their situation. 

The complexity of the human condition cannot be answered by taking little white pills, only masked. The skill of a therapist should unravel the thoughts and feelings within the dynamic social environment that the client lives, giving them the toolset, options and perspectives that help the client navigate the issues that they face.

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As with depression, anxiety can hit anybody regardless of their position in life. From the most competent to the greenest, from the most repsonsible to the carefree, anxiety can be an ever present intruder in peoples lives.

Untangling the thoughts, exploring the feelings, challenging the mindset and understaning what is happening are keys in helping the client to manage those fears and symptoms.

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Stress is a huge cause for poor mental health. It causes many problems or exascerabtes exisiting conditions, and it can be extremenly destructive to both pysical and mental health.

With this support we seek to understand not only your social, health and  environmental causes, but also the physiological reactions. Once we understand these, we can implement various strategies, both extremely simple or very drastic that can help you not only mange your stresses but hopefully remove them.


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Good quality sleep is vital to a healthy life, but too many people do not pay it enough serious attention, or suffer very poor sleep that affects their day to day life. 

We explore your sleep patterns, your environment and anything that may impact on your sleep. We analyse everything from heat to time, medication to diet to implement a plan to return you to restorative and replenshing sleep.





This reviews your case history and  medication and goes through it to ensure that approaches to your health are both logical and consistent. 

Too many clients we see, for example, are on incorrect medication, irrelevant medication, out of date medication, too much medication or improper medication, and this is often a result of 8 minute Doctor appointments, or multi-doctor appointments that do not allow the time to review or understand anything beyond what is immediately presented to them during the appointment. This is just a natural consequnce of a hurried and harrassed healthcare system that does not allow for through investigations.

We also throughly question and explore other alternatives to existing diaghnosis to make sure proper avenues of investigation are cosnidered. For example, "anxietyanddepression" (all one word nowadays!) is what is treated but may mask symptoms of trauma, eupd, bipolarism, abuse and so forth that are all left untreated leading the client to continue labouring for years under poor health.