Woods with Fog

I attended therapy with Dan for the last 3 years. Having previously experienced a diverse range of therapy (good and bad, free and private) for my diagnosis of EUPD, I can only say that I wish I received support from Dan sooner. Collectively, the outcomes from previous therapists were invariably unsatisfying, leaving me feeling very sceptical about seeing another therapist.

However, the sessions I had with Dan each week were a turning point.
Consistent and regular therapy each week left me feeling continually supported.
Dan supported me to articulate and elucidate my intensely embedded patterns of negative thinking, self-worth and self-destructive habits which allowed me to open up and freely
discuss past events, thoughts and struggles without judgment. I felt heard throughout.
There was no point where I felt pressured or pushed into seeking support, which allowed me to be in control of my own recovery with guided support along the way.
Dan helped me recognise my own triggers and how to best overcome them, which has successfully enhanced my wellbeing and opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

Dan provides a genuine, proactive and individualistic approach to therapy which was definitely the best approach for my recovery.
With Dan's support, I was truly able to turn my life around for the better and follow my own career aspirations, resulting in a stable future and for that I remain forever grateful.
I very highly recommend.

FT, Milton Keynes

Sunset in the Woods

I have worked with Dan for several Years in his capacity as Mental Health Specialist. I have referred many clients to him, and he has successfully helped them deal with Psychotic episodes, and to develop coping strategies for conditions such as Bipolar and eating disorders.

He has successfully helped them regain control of their lives and succeed with their Higher Education studies. He has a straightforward approach which focus on their environment and helps them to manage the many issues they face in a constructure way that then gives them long term life skills that help them realise their potential. Dan always ensures that the client feels safe and can talk openily in a confidential environment

JJ, Buckingham

Woods on Water

Dan has provided me supervision for several years 

I have had to face some difficult personal challenges and have had to work with young people many of whom have complex mental health and behavioural challenges of their own , Dans guidance and use of reflection models,  focus on positivity and solutions has been invaluable and this has  has helped me to develop my own skills and mindset and thereby helped my clients deal with their own issues more effectively.


JJ of Buckinghamshire

Woods on Water

I can't recommend Dan Sinclair highly enough. I have referred several of my most complex clients to him during the past three years. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and uses his vast repertoire of skills and experience to tailor his support to the needs of each individual, weaving in appropriate therapeutic approaches. His use of Radical Acceptance has been particularly helpful to many of my clients, providing that 'lightbulb moment' we are all looking for. 


SC, Buckingham

Woods on Water

When I have had supervisory sessions with Dan, I have felt heard and supported but appropriately challenged. Dan's thoughtful interventions have helped me with various issues. He has the ability to help me identify the blocks that are holding me back so that I can move forward every time. Thank you Dan.


SC, Buckingham

Woods on Water

Client A made a huge progress with xxxx when all others before could not.  In summary you got her eating,  she was able to reduce her life threatening behaviours, had some quality of life, learned skills, and had a marked difference from your interventions.

GK, Milton Keynes

Woods on Water

My assessment was very interactive; I had the opportunity to explain in full how my disability affects me and what I need help with. I sometimes find it difficult to talk about my difficulties but they were friendly and very supportive.

I already had an idea of what sort of equipment I might need but I was pleasantly surprised when Saluber was able to suggest a variety of alternative solutions. This included sophisticated specialist software I didn’t even know had been invented yet!

It seemed like a lot of information at first but the experts at Saluber were able to answer all my questions and explain the technology in a way I could understand. They clearly cared about only recommending equipment and software that was exactly right for my particular needs.

It was well worth getting help from Saluber rather than just trying to hunt for solutions on my own. They didn’t recommend anything that I wasn’t going to benefit from and I’m now much more independent than I expected to be.

SM, Milton Keynes

Woods on Water

I’ve tried other types of support in the past which make all sorts of claims about being particularly helpful for disabled people but this was the first one that actually delivered. I am used to people treating my disability as a flaw so it was very refreshing to speak with someone who didn’t ever do that.

My disability wasn’t ignored but it also wasn’t seen as my most important feature. I was treated like a unique individual who happens to have a disability. It wasn’t assumed that all my problems stem from my underlying impairment. I think this reflects a genuine understanding disabled people and the sort of prejudices we often face.

The sessions were structured without feeling formal and I was able to go at a pace that suited me. I never felt pressurised to take up more support than I needed but I always felt safe to push myself when I was comfortable to do so.

It was remarkably different from other types of support because I really did learn practical techniques for managing my own wellbeing. The support allowed me to make tangible improvements to my life by teaching me skills that I can use every single day in a range of situations.

I cannot thank Saluber enough. At 46 years old I’ve never felt more in charge of my own life and my own happiness. I can honestly say that the support I received has been life-changing.

S, Buckingham