• Daniel

Social determinants of health

This picture is a good example of our approach to mental health. It shows what an absurd idea it is to reduce a person's experience and place in life, all that they are, to something that can be fixed by a little white pill. Only in embracing the complexity of the human condition can we even begin to understand a person's relationship to it. We can of course always look for cause and effect, explore the reasons for things, understand how they came about and how a person reacts to them, but thy must always be understood within a picture that may not change or may only change over a long period of time. Perspective, clarity and managing oneself within the chaos can lead to wisdom--a far greater ally in mental health than hoping it will all go away through medication. If someone cannot address any of these words in the picture that perhaps are causing mental ill health, how can we expect people to suddenly become healthy? Will a prescription fix any of those words...? Food for thought!

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