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So where do we go from here...?

As I stood watching the rain pouring down this morning, just about to head out with the dogs for our morning walk, I was mulling over the recent new report ( that most Britons don't want a return to the past way of doing things.

It is perhaps gratifying that only 9% want things to return to how they were, and this new zeitgeist is the culmination of lots of issues that people have been struggling with.

The veritable explosion in mental ill-health, in my view, is a symptom of the way our society has developed and we find ourselves questioning the value of what has gone before. Was the "me, me, me", productivity based value, consumption led, reductionist competition we all fell into all that we had to aspire to?

With this lockdown what have people learned instead of the 9-to-5 grind, the lengthy commute, the meaningless online purchases, the banality of entertainment we watch from the couch, the relationships we have?

It will certainly be intriguing to see whether there will be a new reality.

Different questions will need to be asked. For example do we need HS2 if people can work from home? Should we be valuing carers and homemakers far higher than bankers and footballers? What tangible real life skills do we actually have that will help us if the lights go off or toilet paper really does run out? What will our legacy be? If the electricity goes off are we prepared? What really is of value and what really is meaningful for our human existence?

If it was all taken away what would we have, and could we support ourselves and our families?

Big questions, and there are a multitude more. For people like myself who take a big picture approach to the human condition, I`m intrigued to see how all this will pan out!

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